Vitality Directory

The Challenge

Creating a health and wellness directory that is different from all the others. Maximizing organic SEO as a newly created website. Add in several features for subscribers to add events and promotions in the back end of their profile to post on their profile and also post to a central page on the site. Make the site relevant to the visitors geographic location. Get it up and running quickly.

The Solution

A unique combination of tools including WordPress and specialty plug-ins were researched and selected for expediency and budget adherence. A database programmer was hired to provide necessary customization along with detailed documentation. Google geo tools were utilized to meet the location requirement.

Directory Optimized for Google & Mobile Devices

Relevant Local Directory

Vitality Directory displays well on all mobile devices. The Vitality Locator tab is the main function of the website. The visitor is asked to share their location. Once shared, the Vitality Locator tab displays only professional health and wellness members close to their neighborhood. The same holds true for the Events and Promotions tabs.

Google Maps

Google maps are displayed in each professional member’s profile. In addition, a Google maps is utilized in the Vitality Locator to represent  member locations for all categories and adjusts as the members are filtered.

Search Engine Optimized

The professional member profile is pre-optimized for the Google search engine using a combination of category city and/or zip code. By adding  in the term “Vitality Directory”, along with the category and location, a long list of practitioners displays on all search engines.

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